How do I make an appointment?

Please fill out a new client inquiry form: https://www.hairofthedogtx.com/new-client

Once I receive your information, I’ll be able to offer you a quote and my soonest available appointment for your specific area.

**Please be aware that my schedule is heavily booked and in order to ensure a spot that suits your needs, scheduling 3-4 weeks in advance is typically necessary**

Feel free to text or email with any questions that haven’t been covered on my website! I can usually text within a few business hours throughout the day; I’m also happy to answer any questions or concerns over the phone, just shoot me a text and I’ll coordinate a time to chat. Since I’m on the road following my GPS or paying the utmost attention to each appointment at hand, I try to work a phone call in at the end or beginning of my day.

Why is mobile grooming so expensive?

Mobile grooming is a luxury service. Mobile groomers provide all of the amenities that a salon does but on wheels. We take less clients per day and are able to provide a more intimate one on one service with each client and pet. I also like to provide all of the add-ons,
ie: teeth, anal glands, premium shampoo/conditioner, nail filing, aromatherapy and relaxing music at no extra cost.

I do encourage clients to do their research, call other mobile groomers, visit different websites and find someone who meets their particular needs. There are many of us out there and if I don’t feel I can meet your needs, chances are, I may know someone who can!

What are your cleaning procedures?

I disinfect all surfaces (tub, table, walls, floor, floor mats) between each appointment, not between each dog. At the end of my day, I complete the same cleaning procedure but also scrub every crack and crevice and also clean all of my filters, trash bins and recirculating bathing system filter. This is also another reason for the higher cost of mobile grooming. Salons may be able to offer a clean environment, but most are not able to offer one where every surface your dog touches is a clean one where they will not pick up germs from another pet outside of their family.

Do I need to be home for every appointment?

No! I offer latchkey service free of charge. You may leave me a key or a code to get in and I’ll do the rest! You can leave me cash, check, PayPal, or I can take a card payment over the phone.

Can I stay and watch?

No, I can’t have anyone in my van while I’m working, however, I want to develop a trusting relationship with each client and pet, therefore if there’s something you’re curious about seeing in particular, I may be able to record the process so you can see it. Typically, your dog behaves differently without the presence of fellow family members. This is also another reason I groom many dogs one at a time and not with their siblings.

What kind of shampoo do you use?

I use a variety of the best brands that the industry has to offer. I like to always carry some kind of brightening shampoo, hypo allergenic and fragrance free shampoo, tear free puppy shampoo, volcanic mineral moisturizing and odor busting shampoo, deep moisturizing shampoo, lanolin oil conditioner, and although I don’t overdo it with cologne, I have matching colognes for my shampoos if you’re totally in love with the fragrance, I can absolutely add that extra zing.

Here are my top products that I always have and use