Why Mobile?

Mobile grooming is very different from a salon experience.  I have a fully operational doggy  salon on wheels with cool A/C in the summer and cozy heat in the winter.  This luxury service is available by appointment only and due to the limited number of dogs I can style in one day, my spots fill up fast.  Visit my contact page to see how to reach me.

I provide my own water and power, you only need your dog!  You can just kick back and catch up on emails while I do my work.  You don’t even need to be home for your appointment, I offer latchkey service free of charge.

I clean my salon between appointments and sanitize it at the end of every day, so no need to worry about other dogs’ germs when it’s your little friend’s turn for a spa day.  One on one service is the only kind that I offer, no more wondering if your pet had to be set aside while I help fellow employees, clients or tend to other dogs.

I only carry top of the line,  high end shampoos and conditioners.  I make your dog smell and feel better than you’ve experienced elsewhere.  I’ve pored over information on everything I use because if it’s not good enough for my furry family, it’s not good enough for yours.   I carry hypo allergenic, non oatmeal, fragrance free options as well.  I am also happy to use any prescription shampoo provided to me at your request.